Vacuum regulator refers to the equipment used to adjust vacuum in the chlorination system of waterworks. Chlorine gas volatilizes from the chlorine bottle with a certain pressure. In the chlorination of the water plant, chlorine gas is added into the water through a water ejector. Firstly, the chlorine gas passes through the vacuum regulator, then through the chlorinator, and finally enters the water through the water ejector.
The vacuum regulator with reverse spring diaphragm design can adjust the gas from the pressure state to the constant vacuum state through an inlet valve which plays a regulating role. This will facilitate the safe delivery of gas to the dosing point. If the chlorine gas in the chlorine cylinder is exhausted, or if the valve of the chlorine cylinder is closed unexpectedly while the water ejector is still in normal operation, the vacuum degree will be too high. However, the vacuum regulator has a vacuum-sealing O-ring, which can stop the gas flow in the above situations. The vacuum regulator is also equipped with a barometer to provide an on-site indication of the gas supply status.
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