The purpose of the medical flow meter is to accurately measure the flow of air, oxygen, and other non-corrosive gases. These flowmeters have a very low-pressure drop and a very small dead zone.
In the current medium and high-grade ventilators, the medical flowmeter, as the monitoring component of capacity and flow, has been widely used. In terms of detection technology, there are mainly three types of flow meters: pressure measuring type (including pressure difference type and pressure strain type), hot wire type and ultrasonic type; the three types of flow meters are basically designed for the detection of medical instruments and have been used in ventilator for 20 years, Especially in the treatment of SARS patients, a large number of ventilators are used, which involves the use, maintenance, and disinfection of many flow sensors. It is also one of the difficulties in clinical routine maintenance and disinfection. Therefore, it is necessary to understand and be familiar with the technical characteristics, principles, and applications of various flowmeters.
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