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Rubber Hose medical Gas Pipe For Medical Cranes

*Available in custom lengths and configurations.
Available in a variety of gases.
Available in USA and lSO colors.
Hose assemblies also available with international fittings.(NIST, British, etc.)Water Bottle Humidifier For Oxygen Concentrator


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High pressure rubber hose products are widely used in industries such as large-scale shipbuilding, marine engineering construction, steel structures, building suction and drainage, CNC welding equipment, laser equipment, robots, automotive manufacturing and maintenance, high-pressure cleaning equipment, medical equipment, civil natural gas, hotel high-pressure liquefied gas, and agricultural garden drug spraying. Flexible hose products have properties such as high pressure resistance, aging resistance, oil resistance, acid and alkali resistance, and low temperature resistance.


Instrument classification Class I
Type Oxygen Supply System
Maximum working presure 200psi
Length 100m
Material Antistatic PVC hoses
Working tempreture -60 ℃ to +260℃
Working pressure 0.4Mpa/57Psi
Connector Ohmeda,Diss,Chemetron,FS,GS,BS
Application hosptials,operating rooms,dental offices and clinics
Product Name medical hoses and adapters

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