NFPA Color Oxygen Flowmeter FH-B-O-15

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NFPA Color Oxygen Flowmeter FH-B-O-15

Airtech oxygen flowmeters have the function of humidifying and filtering oxygen or medical air. It has precise flow rates for measurement, easy to use, and is safe. At the pressure dome accuracy is tested which ensures the patient’s safety, accuracy is ± 5% of the displayed value—calibrated at 50 psi inlet pressure.

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Product Detail

Airtech medical oxygen flowmeter rate available 0-3LPM, 0-5LPM, 0-10LPM, 0-15LPM, 0-30LPM, 0-70LPM for adults and pediatric therapy. Labeling ISO or US(NFPA) colors code allows for easy gas identification.  Each flowmeter shall be supplied with gas specific probes and only attach to the corresponding medical gas outlet. Include BS, DIN, AFNOR, JIS, OHMEDA, DISS, CHEMETRON, etc. Quickly connector size comes with a standard 1/8”.


Made of copper, CNC precision processing
Flow tube and humidifier body use high-strength polycarbonate plastic, the ball is stainless steel
High-temperature resistance
Backpressure compensated and calibrated at 50 psi
Installed can be wall or rail mounted
Input pressure: 4.5bar ± 0.5bar
Accuracy: ± 5% read value
Standard inlet connection: ISO G1/8“

Models Number

Green: FH-B-O-15

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