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Medical Vacuum Regulator System

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Product Description

Medical vacuum regulator system one end of the endotracheal tube/tracheostomy tube persistent connections, no contact with the human body. The other end is connected to a vacuum suction source, for attracting the endotracheal tube/tracheostomy tube cuff above secretions. The gauge is outside of the regulator body, 360-degree swivel. Available in a variety of inlet adapter. Include OHMEDA, DISS, CHEMETRON, FRENCH, BRITISH, DIN Standard.  Vacuum trap prevents overflow of waste fluid from entering the suction regulator.


Negative pressure regulating valve working pressure of 0 ~ -760 mmHg / 0~ -400 mmHg (adjustable)

Negative pressure regulating valve flow is not less than 30L / min (adjustable)

Liquid collection bottle 2L with trolley, easy to move

High-quality medical rubber hose in fluid diversion

Different standard adaptor optional

Large control knob for easy vacuum adjustable

Vacuum trap prevents overflow of waste fluid