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Medical Cranes Modern Operating Room

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Product Description

The hospital’s modern operating room is an indispensable gas supply medical device, which is mainly used for terminal transfer of medical gases such as oxygen supply, suction, compressed air and nitrogen in the operating room.

The main advantages of the product: lifting, safe and reliable by the motor control equipment platform; balanced design to ensure the level of the equipment platform, to ensure the safety of the equipment; motor drive to ensure that the equipment operates quickly and efficiently; solid design and manufacturing standards The surface of the composite material cleaned by the disinfectant can completely eliminate pollution.


Solid design and manufacturing of composite surfaces that can be cleaned with standard disinfectants, completely eliminating contamination, etc.


The appearance is smooth and streamlined, there is no splicing gap, and there are no exposed screws on the surface, which meets the requirements of the special environment of the hospital.

With a load capacity of 220kg, it will not be deformed for a long time under full load.
Main technical parameters and configuration

1. Three power sockets: 8 220V ± 15V, 50Hz

2. Mechanical damping brake

3. Instrument carrying platform: 2

4. Drawers: 1

5. Oxygen, gas attraction terminal: 2 each

6. Compressed air terminal: 1

7. Independent rotation angle of each joint: ≤340°

8. Total length of moving arm: 800mm

9. Load capacity: ≤220kg