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Medical Bed Head Unit Series

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Medical Bed Head Unit Series

Medical Bed Head Units, mainly used in the hospital wards, are the units for life support system. They provide medical gas, network communication, intercom call, clinical information etc. They are the essential parts of central oxygen supply and central aspirator system.

Bed head units adopt high strength aluminum alloy. The surface has been processed with crafts like electrostatic powder spraying, oxidation. They own nice appearance, and they also are durable, antibacterial and mildewproof.The internal cavity structure strictly implements the requirements of international safety standards. The design of cavities separation structure conforms to the general requirement of medical electrical equipment 《GB50751-2012》

GB9706.1-2007.Optional for gas terminal, power socket, lighting, voice intercom, data terminals, etc.

Available for customizing bed head units referring to different functional needs, characteristics of different patient group and decoration style.Our Medical Bed Head Units has passed EU CE certification.