Lovtec welding and cutting set industrial nozzles

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Lovtec welding and cutting set industrial nozzles

Customized support: OEM,ODM,OBM
Material: brass
Color:green and red
Warranty:1 year
Packing:paper box

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Product Detail

  • Welding and cutting set for industry,with heavy duty regulator for piping, suitable for various large centralized gas supply manifold systems. High quality brass forging and molding of the upper cover and the mother body. Larger low-pressure chamber volume and special high-pressure chamber venting design can provide sufficient output flow and stable output pressure.
    High-sensitivity large-displacement safety valve is set to ensure safe use. High quality polycarbonate gauge front cover with snap-in design, not easy to damage. Double pressure gauge design, easy to read the cylinder pressure and working pressure data.
  • Wholesale price popular in europe oxygen American type gas regulator
  • Single-stage pressure-reducing structure
  • Body thread: We can customize based on customer’s requirements.
  • Material:  Brass
  • Our company has adopted ISO13485 Certification


Product name welding and cutting set
Material brass
Applicable gas oxygen, acetylene
Application gas regulator

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