Lovtec Portable Oxygen Concentrator 1-5L Flow Rate

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Lovtec Portable Oxygen Concentrator 1-5L Flow Rate

Product Name: Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Brand Name: Lovtec
Resource: Electricity,AC/DC
Oxygen flow: Pulse dose delivery 1-5 current settings
Purity: 93% +-3%
Net weight:1.98kgs

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A portable oxygen concentrator (POC) is a small, lightweight, and quiet device that provides supplemental oxygen to people who need more oxygen than the air around them. POCs are similar to home oxygen concentrators, but are more portable and can be used while traveling or running errands.

POCs operate on the same principle as a home concentrator, pressure swing adsorption. The basic set up of a POC is a miniaturized air compressor, a cylinder filled containing the sieve, a pressure equalizing reservoir and valves and tubes.


Product Name Portable Oxygen Concentrator
Brand Lovtec
Oxygen flow Pulse dose delivery five current settings 1-5
Oxygen concentration (%) 93% + 3%
Battery Single battery up to 4.5 hours on flow setting 1
Standard ISO13485
Storage Time 1 year
Classification instrument Class I
Place of Origin China

Models Number

Lovtec Oxygen Concentrator

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