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Integrated oxygen inhalator

Type: Medical gas equipment

Brand Name: Lovtec

Structure: Piston type

Model Number: ATOR-1,ATOR-3,ATOR-4

Place of  Origin: Jiangsu,China

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Product Description

Flow Range: 1-15L/min;1-10L/Min(optional)

Output Pressure: 2Bar-3Ba

Input Pressure: <150Bar

Control Pressure of Safety Valve: 3.5±0.5Bar

Using Method

  1. Connect oxygen-inlet screw with oxygen cylinder tightly, then open oxygen cylinder valve;
  2. lnsert oxygen-inhale pipe to oxygen outlet and connect it tightly;
  3. Screw down humidifier, add pure water until between upper and lower water line, then screw the humidifier with the cap of the humidifier tightly;
  4. Adjust the flow adjuster until to the flow you want, then breath oxygen by oxygen­ inhale pipe;
  5. Close the oxygen cylinder valve when you stop oxygen breathing, then close the flow adjuster when the needle of the pressure gauge points at “ 0”