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Aluminium oxygen flowmeter with aluminium humidifier bottle

Type: Medical gas equipment

Brand Name: Lovtec

Model Number: ATFM-9,ATFM-10,ATFM-14

Place of  Origin: Jiangsu,China

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Product Description

Lightweight aluminum body
Back pressure compensated and calibrated at 50 psi
100% tested to ensure accuracy
15 L/min mounted with the direct probe and 200ml humidifier bottle
Input pressure 4.5bar ± 0.5bar
Set ranges: 0-5 L/min, 10 L/min, 15 L/min

Lovtec aluminum body oxygen flowmeter is an instantaneous flow measurement device used to regulate oxygen flow in medical treatment. The oxygen flowmeter with humidifier bottle can be attached to gas specific probes according to your requirements and only attached to the corresponding medical gas outlet. Manufactured in the version with single or twin configuration in order to allow a double and independent gas supply using a single gas source.

Lovtec oxygen flowmeter is designed for dependability and durability. The base of the oxygen flowmeter is made of aluminum alloy to make sure it is light. The flow tube is made of crack-resistant polycarbonate housings and the ball is stainless steel. The pressure dome and accuracy is tested which ensures the safety of both the user and patient.