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Air oxygen blender mixer

The air oxygen mixer generally consists of the following parts: – mixed gas inlet – air oxygen mixing chamber – mixed gas outlet – control valve
It is generally made of high-strength ,corrosion-resistant metal materials to ensure the stability, durability of the equipment.


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Air oxygen blender: to control the concentration and flow rate of breathing oxygen.the patient into oxygen
A device that controls the concentration within a safe range ,can meet clinical treatment needs (non-traditional pure oxygen inhalation therapy), while avoiding the pure oxygen inhalation effect. This product is easy to operate, easy to learn and operate, and clinical practice widely use . Air oxygen mixer generally use in conjunction with nasal cannula, nasal oxygen tube, oxygen nasal plug, oxygen hood, warm box, extracorporeal circulation machine, ventilator,anesthesia machine.


AD3000-SPA Blender
Accuracy* +/-3%
Fi02 Range 20%~100%
Flow 2LPM~18LPM(Fpr infant)or6LPM~60LPM(For adult)
Number of output port Single
Pressure of oxygen and air 0.3MPa~0.4MPa
Alarm When supply pressures differ by 0.1 Mpa
AD3000-SPA2 Blender
Accuracy* +/-3%
Fi02 Range 21%~100%
Flow 0.1~1LPM&1~10 LPM
Number of output port Dual
Pressure of oxygen and air 0.3MPa-0.4MPa
Alarm When supply pressures differ by 0.1 Mpa
Blleed 3LPM

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