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Adjusting Flow Rate Medical Oxygen Regulator Flowmeter

Brand Name: Lovtec
Model Number: ATFM-9,ATFM-10,atfm-17,ATFM-18
Power Source: Machinery
Material: Metal, Plastic
Shelf Life: 1years
Quality Certification: iso13485
Instrument classification: Class I
Safety standard: iso13485
Flow Range: 0-15LPM,0-30LPM
Material: aluminum/brass
Warranty: 1 Year
Color: silver

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Medical oxygen regulator is used for oxygen breathing in hospital or home and meant to be connected on high pressure medical gas
cylinder to decrease the outlet pressure and supply a stable low pressure for use.
The pressure gauge indicates the pressure level of the gas cylinder.

Main Features
Slim body flowmeter
Available in anodized aluminum or chrome-plated brass body
Polycarbonate tubes for maximum durability
Back-pressure compensated
Calibrated at 50PSI
Flow range:0-4/0-8/0-15/0-25LPM,ISO13485 certification


Item Name

Material Inlet Connector Inlet Pressure

ATFM-12 medical air flowmeter with DIN/BS/Ohmeda/DISS/AFNOR/CIG/JIS connector

Aluminum, Brass BS DIN  OHMEDA 0-3500PSI

Models Number

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