Oxygen Regulator / Oxygen Inhalator

For patients receiving continuous oxygen therapy,

an oxygen storage device (OCD) is a good choice.

These devices regulate the flow of oxygen between the patient and the oxygen cylinder. Factual information shows that a person sucks 1:3 times and exhales 2:3.
This means that patients will waste 2:3 oxygen when exhaling. To control this wasteful equipment is helpful.
OCD greatly increases the time that oxygen storage can be used, that is, its service life will be extended by three times compared with the oxygen cylinder without the device.

Oxygen Storage Device 1

Benefits of using an oxygen saving device

OCD prevents the continuous flow of oxygen into the nostrils

OCD prevents the continuous flow of oxygen into the nostrils, thereby improving mobility and comfort, thereby reducing the intervention and effectiveness of oxygen therapy.

Easy to carry

Compared to multiple storage tanks without OCD in the past, people with chronic diseases such as cancer, cardiopulmonary disease or COPD can choose to travel in smaller storage tanks.

OCD reduces the frequency of replenishment and delivery

OCD reduces the frequency of replenishment and delivery. Now, the service life of the gas cylinder is 3-5 times the normal value.

If the saving device does not work under any circumstances, it will switch to continuous flow.

You can save a lot of oxygen

With OCD, you can save a lot of oxygen, so the need for supplementation is reduced. Therefore, buying OCD is more economical and less wasteful.

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