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Company Introduction

Airtech medical is a leading manufacturer of oxygen regulators and conservers,flowmeter,oxygen gauges . serving the needs of the home healthcare, EMS, and hospital markets. We manufacture private-labeled devices for some of the largest distributors in the industry. like drive medical. increase their market with our competitive cost and high quality.
Airtech Medical all of its products in an integrated CNC machining and assembly operation. Airtech equipment includes multi-axis machining centers and the latest equipment for testing and quality control.
Each airtech product is manufactured and tested to ensure high durability. As a continued demonstration of our commitment to quality, Airtech has obtained ISO 13485 certification for medical devices.
Our mission is to manufacture products that improve the lives of patients. We do this with a relentless focus on innovation, quality, and customer service.

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Our Products & After-sales

Airtech adheres to the high-quality product route and has various processing equipment, processing centers and related supporting devices, medical oxygen regulators,medical oxygen flow meters,medical oxygen outlets,nebulizers,medical vacuum regulators,medical aspirators

Medical Gas Source

Medical Gas Pipeline

Secondary Equipment

Operating Theater

Nurse Call System

In order to serve our customers better and follow the principle of “customer first”, we have a high level technical support staff to provide the most timely after-sales service to our customers at any time. We also set up a regular return visit system to solve problems for customers in time to protect their interests from losses.

Industry Communication

Airtech has been actively promoting industry exchange activities and participates in major medical device exhibitions at home and abroad every year.

2024 will be a year full of opportunities and challenges.

Airtech will firmly grasp the great opportunity, adhering to the purpose of promoting high-quality products, with the latest medical gas products to participate in MEDICAL FAIR THAILAND, Arab Health, MEDICAL PHILIPPINES EXPO and Africa Health, to bring more wonderful exhibits for more peers and customers.

Mission and Vision

Our mission is to provide a safe, quality and efficient shopping environment for vendors through quality products and services. Our value lies in saving time, ensuring safety and reducing costs for every customer.
We will strive to improve our adaptability and inclusiveness to both domestic and international markets, seize the opportunity to seek a larger market share and broader space for development, and gradually build our company into a competitive international medical gas company.

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